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Debit Card & Direct Deposit

Effective April 2004, the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) stopped sending child support payments in the form of paper checks and began placing all payments on debit cards. Electronic debit cards and direct deposit each provide a more efficient means of paying DCSS customers. They also improve DCSS operations and productivity by reducing the administrative costs associated with producing and disbursing paper checks.

Some of the benefits to the custodial parent include:

• Reduces time for payments to reach families

• Reduces delay or loss of payments

• Using the debit card eliminates check cashing fees

• Debit card transactions can be monitored online

• Customers receive statements detailing transactions

• Customers receive 24 hours access to their funds

• Offers convenience and safety to clients

Custodial parents can elect to receive child support payments either by direct deposit of the payment into their bank account or by having the payment posted to the debit card.

Debit Card

DCSS has contracted with a qualified vendor to manage full-service debit card activity for the custodial customer’s convenience.  Upon qualifying for DCSS, the debt card will be mailed to the custodial customer.

Once funds are applied to a debit card:

•  The card should be activated by entering the DCSS IRN (Individual Registration Number, Social Security Number and Date of Birth provided to DCSS. 

•  All customer service requests are handled by EPPI Customer Service @ 1-800-656-1347 or 

Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, child support payments are electronically transferred to the custodial customer's checking or saving account. To date, over 7,700 Georgia parents have taken advantage of this service.

Eligibility: All custodial parents who receive a child support check are eligible for this service. The custodial parent must have a checking or savings account at a local bank.

Georgia law prohibits DCSS from disbursing child support payments to anyone other than the custodial parent.  Therefore, DCSS will only disburse child support payments to the DCSS issued debit card belonging to the custodial parent or by direct deposit to the custodial parent's bank account.  Custodial parents requesting direct deposit must provide DCSS with their personal bank account information and not the account information of a third party.  DCSS may, at any time, request additional documentation to verify the account holder.  Providing bank account information that does not belong to the custodial parent will result in a violation of Georgia law and will not be honored by DCSS.  By applying for direct deposit and providing your bank account information, you acknowledge that the bank account belongs to you and not to a third party.

To request Direct Deposit online:

1. Be sure to have your Routing and Account Numbers.

2. Go to the Constituent Services Portal.

3. Select Case Payments, then Direct Deposit.

To request Direct Deposit through the mail, use the following steps.

1. Fill out, print and sign a Direct Deposit form.

2. Attach a voided check.

3. Mail to your local DCSS office.